2019-2020 Final League Rules

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A. General
  1. This organization will be known as the PDX Pride Bowling League.
  2. We are a Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgendered, Queer and Straight Allies bowling league. We enjoy camaraderie, fun, socializing and some mild competition. We welcome all bowlers regardless of who they are. We do require that you are an ally to the LGBTQ community and/or are open minded to all sexual orientations.
  3. The league shall consist of up to 24 (4 person) teams with a maximum of 6 bowlers on each team roster. This is a mixed league. Bowlers must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  4. The purpose of the league is to conduct tenpin activities. It shall foster and maintain the spirit of fellowship and true sportsmanship within the league. There will be zero tolerance to any violence whether it is verbal or physical while the league is in session.
  5. The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) through the Greater Portland USBC Association shall sanction this league. The USBC Book of Playing Rules shall apply to all rules not covered under the PDX Pride league rules.
  6. Each bowling member, including substitutes, must pay for USBC membership prior to the completion of the bowler's first series. The application must be completed and submitted to the Secretary and accompanied by the appropriate fee of $28.00 for adults. Bowlers currently holding a valid summer 2018 league card will still be required to pay the membership fee. Bowlers holding valid USBC card through local associations other than the Greater Portland USBC must pay a transfer fee of $12.00 in state and $15.00 out of state.
  7. The general membership shall adopt the league rules at the organizational meeting prior to the first night of league bowling.
  8. Officers and Elections:
  9. a. The officers of the league shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant at Arms.

    b. The general membership for the fall/winter/spring league shall elect by ballot the officers of the league for the next season four weeks prior to the end of the season.

    c. The duties of each League Officer shall consist of the rules under which this league operates, and any rule not covered by these league rules shall be those set forth in the USBC Book of Playing Rules.

    d. No more than two officers of the Board shall be on the same team.

    e. Any Officer may resign their position at any time. This must be done in writing to the Secretary and President and will be deemed irrevocable.

    f. In the event of an Officer vacancy, a special election shall be held within three weeks of the vacancy if more than eight weeks remain of the regular season. If less than eight weeks remain of the regular season, the Officer position shall be filled at the next election.

    g. For all league elections, the President shall form an Elections Committee of four individuals. The Secretary will chair this committee and must include at least three other league members. None of the committee members may be on the same team.
  10. The management of the PDX Pride League shall be vested in the Board of Directors, which membership shall consist of the League Officers and Team Captains. A League Officer cannot be a Team Captain. A majority (two-thirds of the Board of Directors) constitutes a quorum in which to hold meetings after the organizational meeting.
  11. Any current season member of the Board of Directors can call a meeting. The President shall preside over all meetings. In the event of the President's absence, the Vice-President shall assume the role as President.
  12. League Officers shall be responsible for league awards ceremony on Sunday, May 6, 2018.
B. Schedule
  1. The PDX Pride League will bowl on every Sunday for 29 weeks (weather permitting), starting on September 8, 2019 and ending on April 26, 2020. All scheduled matches, including practice, will start promptly at 5:45 p.m.
  2. The PDX Pride League will bowl every week except on the following holiday dates:

    • October 20, 2019 in support of those participating in the Bridgetown Invitational Tournament.
    • December 22, 2019 in observance of Christmas.
    • December 29, 2019 in observance of the New Year.
    • February 2, 2020 for the NFL Super Bowl
    • April 12, 2020 in observance of Easter.
  3. The PDX Pride League will bowl a split season, with position rounds on December 15, 2019 and April 19, 2020. First place teams from each half will roll-off for league championship. Schedule below:

    • First half ending December 15, 2019 — 14 weeks, weather permitting
    • Second half ending April 19, 2020 — 14 weeks, weather permitting
    • League championship and Singles Tournament will be April 26, 2020

    In the event of inclement weather, the Secretary will notify the league by email distribution, official website, Facebook page and to Kellogg Bowl.

  4. Teams may, with a legal line-up, pre-bowl with notification to the Secretary and the opposing team captain. In absence of the Secretary, notification shall be made to the next highest officer. Pre-bowl must be completed by the date of the originally scheduled match. Teams can bowl unopposed. In documented extenuating circumstances only, and with the Secretary's approval, when the team is unable to field a legal line-up, they may request a post-bowl. Post-bowled games must be completed before the next scheduled league night. The Secretary shall notify the opposing team as soon as possible. The Team Captain should make arrangement with Kellogg Bowl for the pre/post-bowl date. The team must request the desk to print out all games bowled to turn into the Kellogg Bowl office along with the recap sheet. Failure to do so will void all scores bowled unless print out is not available at that time. Teams may only pre/post-bowl a total of 5 times during the season.

    USBC Rule 111e, Item 8 — Excludes scores bowled in unopposed pre or post bowling from USBC high score award eligibility. (Delegates ratified the USBC Board vote when the board approved this amendment for the 2006-07 season.)

    Do not pay the bowling alley for your bowling when pre-bowling. Put the money in the payment envelope during the next regular league night.
C. Financial
  1. Bowling fees per individual per night to be as follows:

  2. Category Weekly Season
    Bowling Lineage Fee $10.00 $27,840.00
    Secretary Fee $ .25 $696.00
    Treasurer Fee $ .25 $696.00
    Singles Tournament $ .15 $417.60
    Web Development/Maintenance Fee $ .15 $417.60
    Prize Fund   $5.20 $14,476.80
    TOTAL FEES: $16.00 $44,544.00

    * Note: Season estimate based on 24/4 person teams for 29 weeks.
  3. Total team fee shall be collected by the Team Captain and paid to the Treasurer by the end of the first game. Team Captain must have the funds in envelope verified by the Treasurer. All checks are to be made payable to PDX Pride. No credit cards accepted.
  4. Individuals last two weeks ($32.00) of the league's bowling schedule is to be paid in advance to the Treasurer by October 13, 2019 or within three weeks of their first night of bowling whichever is greater. If fees are not paid by scheduled date, all games bowled for that person both pre and post will be forfeited. A vacancy score will be substituted.
  5. No person can be more than two weeks in arrears ($32.00) at any one time or that person shall forfeit all games bowled during arrearages until brought current. A score of 120 with no handicap will be used. A person however cannot be required to forfeit games bowled if fees are not paid for an absence. Another team member cannot use other team member prepayments to offset arrearage.
  6. If a member has cause to resign from a team during the season, a two-week written notice must be given to the team captain and the Secretary. Should another person fill the person's vacancy before the end of those two weeks, the resigning member shall be refunded all prepaid monies applicable. The new member would owe prepayment for their last two weeks of the bowling schedule within three weeks of their first night of bowling. Any member who withdraws without giving sufficient written notice or reason, or has been dismissed in writing from the league for sufficient cause, shall forfeit any money paid into the league. Any team that withdraws from the league during the season for any reason will forfeit all prize money.
  7. There will be no shortages allowed, except for vacancies. It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to see that members of their team are current in all league fees. There will be no partial payments of weekly fees allowed.
  8. The league will charge a $25.00 handling fee on all returned checks plus any incurred bank fee expense. All $25.00 handling fees collected will be added to the prize fund. NSF check will be calculated back to the original night of bowling and arrearage game forfeiture policy will apply.
  9. The salary paid to the Secretary and Treasurer shall be paid at the completion of the league schedule. Each officer is responsible for their own expenses, unless otherwise approved by the board. The President will authorize full payment after the Secretary has furnished all average sheets requested by Greater Portland USBC Association, including the final average sheet.
  10. The President will audit the bank statement monthly. The President shall notify the Secretary of completion.
  11. The President will appoint a non-officer league member to audit all fund accounts. There shall be at least one random audit performed each half of the season prior to funds distribution. Confirmation of each audit shall be reported to the league within two weeks of the completion of the audit.
  12. An account shall be opened int he name of PDX Pride in a local banking institution in which funds will be deposited weekly. Withdrawls from the account shall be made only with the joint signatures of at least two PDX Pride officers.
  13. The PDX Pride league shall join as a member of the International Gay Bowling Organization (IGBO) and pay the annual membership out of the prize fund. (IGBO membership fee based upon estimated league playing strength of 51 to 100 bowlers, dues of $100.00 USD). IGBO is the official bowling organization for the LGBT community, representing over 5,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) members from Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and the United States. IGBO was created out of a desire to unify all of the gay leagues and open lines of communication between them, as well as promote the sport of bowling through league and tournament participation reflecting the ideals of Unity, Fellowship and Communication. By bowling in an IGBO member league, PDX Pride bowlers are a member of IGBO and may take advantage of the IGBO Member Benefits.
  14. All end of season payouts are to be made to the Team Captains. In the event that the Team Captain is not available, the payout is to be mailed to that Captain within 7 business days. No individual may collect the payout without written consent from the Team Captain.
D. Entering Averages
  1. All entering averages will be established in the following order:

    • PDX Pride prior year league average with a minimum of 21 games required will be used for the first three games bowled.
    • 2018-2019 USBC Oregon established book average would be used for the first three games bowled.
    • 2019 summer league average (minimum 21 games) will be used for the first three games bowled.
    • All new bowlers with no established average would be computed after completion of the first three games bowled.
E. Handicap and Standings
  1. A head-to-head scoring system allowing for 5 points per game and 1 point for team series. A total of 16 points would be possible for each league session.
  2. The PDX Pride League will bowl on a handicap basis.
  3. The individual and team handicap for league and award purposes will be based on a 90% difference between each individual's average and a base of 220. Negative handicap will not be applied.
F. Roster and Legal Lineup
  1. Captains will turn in roster of team members to the Secretary by the end of the first night of bowling. A team roster will be limited to 6 members. Any roster changes must be reported to the Secretary prior to the time the new member bowls.
  2. New members cannot be added to a team roster in the final 2 weeks of each half of the season. The only exception is if there is a vacancy to complete a four-person team.
  3. A minimum legal lineup must include at least 2 players for a team's full current roster.

    a. When a team has only two roster members, only one member needs to be present for a legal lineup. This would apply until a third member is added to the roster.
  4. A legal lineup must be present before the start of the first frame of any game or the game is forfeited.
  5. A player who arrives late after their team has started to bowl shall be permitted to bowl provided the opposing team has not completed the third frame.
  6. A team intentionally delaying the game to wait for a late player will forfeit the game. League Officers will determine validity of delay concern. Should the third frame be completed per Rule 5 of this section, the bowler may not bowl until the start of the next game; however a blind score is still used for the missed game. (Blind score = average minus 10 pins).
G. Substitutes
  1. League roving substitutes will be allowed.
  2. Absent team members are responsible to pay weekly fee. A subsitute bowler may be responsible for the weekly fee at the discretion of the Team Captain.
  3. League roving substitutes will not be eligible for league awards.
  4. League roving substitutes will not be able to bowl the last week of each half. Substitutes may be allowed to bowl the last night of the league provided that the team is not competing for the League Championship. The bowler being replaced must be in good leauge standing.
  5. Pacers will not be allowed.
H. Vacancy and Absentee Scores
  1. In the event a team is short a bowler in its roster, a vacancy score of 120 (handicap 90) for each game bowled will be used. No pins shall be deducted from that score.
  2. In the event a bowler is absent and there is no substitute team member, the bowler's average minus 10 pins shall be used. The following rule will apply:

    • Team member with the most number of games bowled shall be used.
    • If team members have the same number of games bowled, then the bowler with the highest average shall be used.
I. Forfeitures and Byes
  1. When a game is declared forfeited or a bye exists due to an odd number of teams, the team present shall bowl as though the game was actually contested.
  2. The team present must bowl within 40 pins of their current team average in each game of their series in order for that team to win the points for that game. Points not won will not be credited to either team and will be recorded as “unearned” points. The forfeiting team automatically loses all points.
J. Awards and Qualifications
  1. The President shall be responsible for ordering all awards. Total costs not to exceed $550 for all awards. The cost of the awards shall be deducted from the prize fund.
  2. To qualify for individual average, series or game awards, a bowler must complete a total of 10 weeks (30 games). Under extraordinary circumstances, this rule may be waived at the approval of the Board of Directors.
  3. A bowler or team may not qualify for more than one individual award. Individual awards are defined as High Scratch Series, High Scratch Game, High Handicap Series and High Handicap Game.
  4. High average and/or most improved average USBC award recipient will also be entitled to an additional individual award if earned.
  5. Scratch awards take precedence over handicap; series awards take precedence over game.
  6. The most improved average award shall be figured after 21 games until the end of the season.
  7. In the event of an individual tie, duplicate awards will be given.
  8. Singles tournament held last night of season. Standings based on handicap series bowled. Prize fund equals total collected from weekly dues for the complete season. Payout 100%, 15 places shall be paid. An optional Doubles event will run concurrently to the Singles Tournament.
  9. Establish a $400.00 cash award prize for the League Season Champions. The award is in addition to any funds the team will receive through the normal prize fund distribution. The money will be distributed as $100.00 to the team who is the winner of either season half; $200.00 to the team who is crowned as League Champion.
K. Ties and Playoffs
  1. In the event of a tie for first place in either split season half; or championship, there will be a one game roll-off that night immediately following league bowling. In the event of a multi-way tie, each team will bowl one game on designated pair of lanes. First place winner will be determined by one game total pins including handicap.
L. 50/50 Drawing
  1. Selling tickets will rotate weekly to each team. Ticket sellers must be at least one league bowler, and anyone is welcome to assist the league in this endeavor. The league will rotate in team number order within the week number. If a BYE team exists, then the team bowling the BYE will be the team seller. The Sergeant of Arms will administer the raffle.
  2. 50/50 prize fund will be distributed as follows:

    • 50% of total funds collected awarded back to the winning ticket holder.
    • 50% of total funds collected added to the total league prize fund distribution.
  3. Officers will allow a selected charity to sell 50/50 (limit 6 per season). Officers will monitor and regulate so no one charity sell more than once per season.

    • 50% of total funds collected awarded back to the winning ticket holder.
    • 50% of total funds collected awarded to charity. Paid via check to the charity.
M. Web Page and Software
  1. Web site cost maintenance will be paid with the prior approval of the league officers for annual web page subscription cost and maintenance fees.
  2. President shall appoint a Director and a web committee with the Director as the chair.
  3. All website changes must be approved by at least three league officers before being posted.
  4. League Secretary will be reimbursed with the prior approval of the League Officers for yearly CDE software update (bowling software) and LeagueSecretary.com (standing sheets and bowler stats website).
  5. All web costs will be paid with money collected from .15 cent weekly fee for the complete season. After all web costs have been paid for the season, balance left will be paid to the web developer with the approval of the league officers. Any remaining funds will be allocated back to the singles tournament prize fund for the season.
N. Prize Fund
  1. The prize fund will be divided by the total number of points won and then distributed to the teams. Any team with any vacancies for the year will be awarded the percent of points won by the amount of weeks paid. Any team paying $1856.00 or more will receive full payout. A team that joins mid-season only will be deducted for the weeks they bowl without a full roster.

    • Example A: 29 weeks times $64.00 is a total of $1856.00 for a full year with no vacancy.
    • Example B: If a team had 20 vacancies and paid only $1536.00, that would be 82%. They would receive that percentage of their points in prize money.

Approved by membership present at the organizational meeting on August 18, 2019.

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